Drag Conveyor

ParkProcess drag conveyors (also called scraper conveyors) are well suited for applications involving the moving of bulk solids. Our specialty is moving the discharged filter cakes from recessed chamber filter presses, although we can custom design our units to fit the application. Our drag conveyors can be extended to lengths as required for moving material short or long distances. Using a simple chain design with spaced cross bars acting as scrapers, they pull material across a smooth flat bed. Typically, the bed has a UHMW polyethylene liner attached for abrasion resistance.

  • Aggregates and crushed stone
  • Fracking sand
  • Limestone
  • Paper pulp & sludge
  • Sand & foundry sand
  • Sewage sludge
  • More self-cleaning, less cross contamination
  • Gentle handling of fragile materials
  • Less power required than screw conveyors
  • More efficient on an incline
  • Can incorporate a vertical bend
  • Greater length potential
  • Lighter per-foot weight than screw conveyors