Venturivac Sack Hopper

Park Process manufactures venturi hoppers for the easy addition of dry materials into a liquid stream. Pumping liquid through the eductor nozzle and on through the Venturi section creates a low-pressure zone between these two components. Material is introduced through a conical hopper by gravity into this low-pressure zone where the motive fluid entrains and carries it to the desired discharge point.

The VenturiVac eductors can be combined with a feed hopper to facilitate the addition of chemicals to the eductor’s suction port. This equipment can be skid mounted to enable it to be moved from one location to another. Feed hoppers range in size from 18” diameter conical shaped hoppers for sack material to 2.5 cu. yd. inverted pyramid hoppers for bulk bag unloading. The addition of a feed pump to the VenturiVac skid creates a self-contained system. Fluid can be pumped from the source then fed to the VenturiVac where dry powder chemicals are added and sent to a receiving tank, a process system, vessel or holding pond.

  • Mixing batches of chemical solutions
  • Mixing of slurry walls
  • Transferring solids using liquid
  • Making of drilling mud
  • Making of polymer solutions
  • Installing and removing filter beds
  • Stainless steel hopper and chemical table
  • Stainless steel wetted parts on valve between hopper and eductor
  • Carbon steel educator body with special coating stainless steel 304 or 316 is an available option
  • Heavy duty carbon steel skid with fork pockets on which other components are mounted
  • Removable nozzle and venture made from abrasion and chemical resistant material
  • Pressure gauges installed on inlet and outlet nipples
  • Vacuum gauge installed on eductor body