Slurry Tanks

For preparation of pre-coat and/or body feed of filter media to feed filtration equipment, i.e., filter presses and pressure leaf filters. The slurry tank is typically piped into the filtration system so that fluid going to the filtration system can be circulated through the slurry tank. Filter aid is added to the slurry tank and is delivered to the filtration equipment during the circulation process. The accumulated “pre-coat” of filter media aids in the filtration of the given fluid, often providing a finer separation than is given by the filter cloth, and also facilitates in the removal of the filter cake from the filtration equipment.

  • Completion fluid filtration
  • Fluid filtration requiring precoat and/or body feel
  • Carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, or 316 stainless steel tank construction
  • Manifolding on outside of tank for body feed and precoat operations
  • Mixing accomplished by air bubbler manifolds or mechanical agitators
  • Air driven double diaphragm pump mounted and piped into manifolding for injection of body feed
  • Optional air driven double diaphragm pumps mounted on slurry tank skid are available for feeding fluid to the filtration equipment