pH Control System

ParkProcess neutralization and pH control systems will monitor and maintain a pH set point for waste water streams on a continuous basis. The system utilizes a batch tank to accomplish the pH adjustment.
  • Collection systems
  • Effluent monitoring systems
  • Heavy Metal reduction
  • Fluoride reduction systems
  • Sequential batch pH adjust
  • Continuous flow through pH neutralization
  • HDPE
  • Electric agitator with SS shaft and props-TEFC drive motor
  • PH/ORP sensor mounted in tank
  • 2 chemical metering pumps- 1 for caustic and 1 for acid mounted on a powder coated steel stand
  • Transmitter to control metering pumps mounted on pump stand
  • Optional influent feed system
  • Optional effluent pump out system
  • Optional 4-20 mA output signal
  • Optional chart record
  • Optional alarm functions
  • Optional magnetic flow meter with totalizer